Parish Sponsored Child

Holy Trinity Church sponsors a child in Kenya, Africa through an agency called Plan USA.


The sign up sheet has been placed on the back table of the church to help support Nicholas Onyango Okondo.

Please consider supporting this important ministry by signing up to sponsor Nicholas for a month (or two) in 2022. The sponsorship is $35.00 per month. A postcard will be mailed to you as a reminder that your donation is due.  Please make sure you note “Sponsor Child” on your check. Thank you to all who help to make this ministry possible. We would like to sponsor Nichols until he is 18. 

Our Parish Sponsored Child Nicholas Onyango Okondo

Nicholas was born on November 22, 2004; he is now 17 -years old. He lives with his mother, father, and a younger sister and brother in the Nyangoma area of Kenya, Africa along the shore of Lake Victoria. The family lives in a house made of mud and sticks with a corrugated metal roof. They get water from a rain catchment in the yard, and they share a latrine with neighbors. They are Christian and speak Luo. Nicholas walks 45 minutes to school. His favorite subject is Math.

In addition to supporting Nicholas, his community benefits as well.  Here are a few ways our sponsorship has made a difference:

  • Construction and repair of a school.
  • Training for adolescents on reproductive health.
  • Providing mosquito nets.
  • Training for volunteers on early childhood care and development.
  • Supporting the formation and strengthening children and youth programs.

Nicholas would like to receive letters from his adopted family, and he would especially like photos and children’s drawings. A birthday card is always special. Include the information below on all enclosures.

Whether you sponsor Nichols financially or not you can write to him. To write include this information: Holy Trinity Church S.S # 0328305  Nicholas Onyango Okondo # 2066-801025919 (F) Kenya. Mail to: Plan USA, 155 Plan Way, Warwick RI 02886. You can also send a letter online; go to