In collaboration with  St. John Paul II Parish

January 2023 – Relaunching Holy Trinity’s Food Pantry donations!

Because of covid it has been some time since Holy Trinity has supported St. John Paul II’s Food Pantry. I would like to encourage us all to participate in this important ministry once again.

For January, Mother Judith and I thought that a good item to donate would be shelf-stable milk (such as Parmalat or Horizon brands). I know these products are available at Big Bunny, Shaw’s, Walmart and other local stores.

We are suggesting this because so many products donated to food pantries need milk – foods such as macaroni and cheese mixes, cereals, and soups that are more nutritious when they are made with milk. Unfortunately, milk is one of the least likely items to be donated. This is probably because most of us think first of fresh refrig-erated milk when we think of milk – no matter what it is going to be used for. We might also think of powdered milk, but many of us recognize how powdered milk can seem unappealing as it is very low in fat. Because food pantries may not all have refrigeration, it may not always be possible to donate fresh milk. However, especially when milk is going to be used for cooking, there is another option – shelf-stable milk.

Shelf-stable milk is ordinary milk that has been Ultra High Temperature (UHT) pasteurized. This means that the milk is quickly heated to a very high temperature. The process destroys bacteria and gives the milk a longer shelf life (up to 6 months). It does not need to be refrigerated until it is opened.

We are asking that you contribute to the food pantry ministry by purchasing shelf stable milk as part of our Sunday offerings. In addition, if you can, we would like to continue a suggestion from before covid – that you also consider picking up a non-perishable food item that is something you would like to find if you were experi-encing food scarcity. Is there some canned or packaged food item that would give you more than just ordinary sustenance? Share an item of that nature with people who need the food pantry – for remember the words of our Lord Jesus, who said: “Whatsoever you do to the least of your brothers and sisters, you do unto me.”
Rose Reith

 In addition, on the second Sunday of each month our loose offering goes to FoodShare, a community food pantry.