Mission and Outreach

January & February Mission Plate

The Mission Plate funds for the months of January and February will be going to the Worcester Community Action Fuel Assistance Program. This program aids limited-income homeowners and renters in paying their home heating bills. WCAC’s Fuel Assistance Program serves all of our local communities (cities and towns) within Central Massachusetts. Well over 10,000 households obtained fuel assistance through WCAC last year.

This year’s economic picture for màny of our vulnerable local families isn’t any brighter than last year. With the devastating effects of the tripledemic (Covid, Flu, and RSV), rising housing and food costs and escalating utility and heating costs, many people in our local area are struggling to afford to keep them-selves warm this winter.
Please, give as generously as you can to this program. No one should be left in the cold during this time of crisis.

Thank you.
Susan Grant, Member of the Mission and Outreach Committee