Mission and Outreach

The Mission Plate funds for the months of November and December will be going to “The Episcopal Church in Navajoland.”  The Episcopal Church began its relationship with the Navajo Nation in the mid 1800’s with the establishment of medical missions in Arizona and New Mexico.  These missions were among the first hospitals to be located within the Navajo Nation.

Today, the Episcopal Church in Navajoland (ECN) comprises three regions within the states of Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.  The Navajo call themselves “The Dine” or “The People.”  They are one of the largest Native American Indian tribes in the United States.

Funds and donations received by ECN are used to support various programs that supply needed food, clothing, and household items such as: winter coats, toiletries, beds and blankets, as well as P.P.E. items such as masks and hand sanitizers, etc.  In addition, ECN provides critically needed mental health services for addiction and suicide prevention programs.  Also, ECN works within communities to build and repair houses, install rainwater catchment tanks to provide clean and safe drinking water and to purchase and install heating stoves.  Currently, ECN is building a new Wellness Center and hospital in Utah. More about the Wellness Center Here

The Episcopal Church in Navajoland is currently working with the Navajo People in creating several various sustainable strategies and programs for economic development These projects include the “Blue Corn and Bee and Honey” project and a hand soap making project  These soaps are sold to provide a source of income and self-sufficiency for the Navajo People.


Susan L. Grant       Member of the Outreach and Mission Committee