Clergy, Staff, Leadership


Priest-in-Charge: The Rev.  Dan Purtell

Church: (508) 765-9559

Administrative Assistant: Chris McTigue

Please call Office: (508) 765-9559

E-mail: click here

Sexton:  Greg Nikolla

Organist/Music Director: Anne Bouvier-Monroe


Priest-in-Charge: The Rev.  Dan Purtell

Sr. Warden –  Lynn Garland

Jr. Warden – Susan Howland

Treasurer – Nancy Waugh 

Clerk – Jean Frost

Vestry Class 2025 – John Grant and Cat Reith-Lowery 

Vestry Class 2026 – Robin Yates and Eileen DeMings

Vestry Class 2027 – Ryan Bousquet and Dave Monroe

Convention Delegates

John Grant (Vestry delegate until annual meeting 2025)

Lorraine Brumskine (Non-vestry delegate until annual meeting 2025)

Cat Reith-Lowery (Vestry alternate delegate until annual meeting 2025

Robin Yates (Non-vestry  delegate until annual meeting 2025)


Stewardship Committee: Lynn Garland/Nancy Waugh.

Building and Grounds Committee: Co-chairs: Tamsin Lucey & Jean Frost, Ron Teixeira,
David Monroe, Nate Lowery.

Finance Committee:  Susan Howland, chair,  Nancy Waugh, Treasurer, Josh Spooner and Lana Pieczynski,. Pledge Secretary: John Grant, ex-offficio.

Endowment Committee: Susan Howland, Chair; Robin Yates, Ron Teixeira; ex-officio: Priest, Sr Warden and Treasurer.

Mission and Outreach Committee: Susan Grant, Chair; Suzanne Sharp; Rose Reith, Anne
Bouvier-Monroe, the Daughters of the King.

Parrettie Committee: Lynn Garland, Sr. Warden; Susan Howland, Jr. Warden; Lana
Pieczynski, Barbara Kalber, Tamsin Lucey; Priest and Treasurer, ex officio.

Pastoral Relations Committee: Priest, Lynn Garland, Susan Howland, Tamsin Lucey,
Robin Yates.

Faith formation Steering Committee: Eileen DeMings (chair), Heather Bousquet,
Lorraine Brumskine, Cat Reith-Lowery, Rose Reith, Robin Yates, Dave Monroe.

Hospitality Committee: Lynn Garland (Chair); Susan Grant; Karron Lacey.

Communications: Susan Howland (website), John Grant (technology: virtual
communication & meetings), Tamsin Lucey (Facebook administrator); Cat Reith-Lowery
(special emails/Mailchimp/evites); Parish Assistant Administrator (Tidings, weekly e-
news, collection of information).

Episcopal Church Women: Susan Howland .