Spiritual Formation: Children and Youth

Children and Youth

1st Sundays:   Family Worship will continue through the summer

 June 4th          July 2nd        August 6th        

             Teens will meet downstairs after the service.


Children’s Chapel   9:15-9:30am on other Sundays

We will have a brief child-centered service of prayer, singing, and learning about our liturgy. There will be no classes on Sundays during the summer. 

The Family Worship Team will explore possible plans for a VBS Day in August.

Intergenerational Formation
Mark your calendars:
Intergenerational Evening:
Praying with Beads: Wednesday July 19th 5:30pm – 8 pm

Modelled after our successful Lenten Family Evenings, we will meet for a simple dinner at 5:30, and then 3 groups (adults/teens & tweens / children) will learn about different traditions of praying with beads (the Anglican Rosary, the Catholic Rosary, the mala, and others).  Supplies will be available to make our own sets of prayer beads.  We will re-gather to close with Compline by 8pm.  Watch for more information.

Prayer Partners

Over the summer, we invite everyone to sign up for a PRAYER PARTNER.  We all want to stay connected through prayer in the form of  letters, emails and/phone calls.  If you would like to participate, please sign  up on the clipboard at the back of the sanctuary or make a phone call/email to the church office.  We will match prayer partners from the list.  The hope is to connect generations of the parish through prayer.   [All parents of youth will be on the list with their children to ensure safe practices.]