Children’s Chapel

Spiritual Formation: Children and Youth

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 November 6th
                 9:30 Family Worship
                 10:45-11:30 Teens will prepare for their fall fundraiser
                   11:30-2pm  Teens fundraiser for the American Cancer Society

3rd Sundays:
Ages 4-9 and 10-12 – we will meet on the 3rd Sunday of the month for Children’s Chapel  at 9:30 am, and then we will break into 2 groups for discussion and an activity
(December 18th will be the day of the Christmas Pageant)

November 20th
                 9:15        Children’s Chapel in the Chapel
                 9:30-10 Discussion downstairs:  2 groups: ages 4-9 & 10-12
We are using the Sermons4Kids curriculum this year

11am Advent Wreath-making materials will be available in the Parish Hall

2nd and 4th Sundays:  We will have packets with activities that children can complete during the service or at home.  These will be sent electronically on Thursdays and will be available as hard copies on Sunday at the church.

Teens: All teens are welcome to take part in fellowship and service projects even if they are not planning to be confirmed.
            Confirmation Class    [The bishop’s visitation will be May 14, 2023]
            Curriculum: I Will, with God’s Help
            Fall Schedule:  1st Sunday of each month after the service. We will have a special                 snack discuss our class journals, and learn about the Episcopal church
            January & February:  Students will meet with their confirmation mentors on                    flexible  schedule to talk about specific faith topics.  During this time, we may do a                group service project and each person can do some of the other projects for                            confirmation on their own schedule
            March & April:  1st Sunday of the month after the service, we will meet for 30-40                 minutes to learn about Scripture and about the Episcopal church.

On a date TBA we will meet for an evening and a day-long retreat, perhaps an overnight, to learn about scripture and spiritual practices.  (This is modelled after the retreat for those who are receiving Instructed Holy Communion for the first time.)


Family Friday Nights: 
September 30th and December 2nd    5:30 pm – 8pm
We’ll gather in the Undercroft for a meal and fellowship.

  • On December 2nd we’ll begin plans for a Pageant