Standing With Ukraine

Fundraising for Ukraine

WE are Truly Blessed: Thank You for embracing this call to Stand with and Support Ukraine.

As you may remember,  at the end of March, Lynn Garland and I delivered 575 lbs. – 35 boxes of Over-the-Counter Medical Supplies which were shipped to L’viv in western Ukraine.   Yes – we did that… However, I underestimated by $230 the amount that was needed for shipping – Holy Trinity Church kindly fronted all the shipping costs ($500) – anyone who would like to help offset that shortage may make a donation to Holy Trinity noting Ukraine Shipping – Thank you very much.

Cans and Bottle funds collected in April and May totaled $442.65. Monies were sent to Episcopal and Relief Development for Ukraine at the beginning on June.  

Homemade Lemonade sales during the Summer – I have been selling – for a donation – the very best homemade lemonade – as first made by our very own VBS team many years ago – since Farmers Market season began on June 1.  So far I have collected well over $200 – this money and any more collected through the end of August will be sent to World Central Kitchen, which is currently providing thousands of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)  every day to Ukrainians in Ukraine and refugees in surrounding countries.   Please get in touch with me if you would like some Lemonade – it’s available most Sundays in a quart container to take home.  

774 200 4279 or email    

With every best wish and blessings,

Tamsin Lucey, Mother-in-law to a Ukrainian living in Boston.