Youth Christian Formation: Family Worship


All children are welcome in the service

Family Worship is the first 3 weeks of the month in Blakely Hall

Week 4 and/or 5 will be all in the sanctuary

Upcoming Family Worship Dates: February 18 March 4, 11, 18.

Publication1In order to complete our new bible stories curriculum, Family Worship will now be held the first 3 weeks of the month! Each week will consist of a bible story in chronological order followed by a short activity which reinforces the main idea of the story. Children are encouraged to bring a one subject notebook or journal each week ( or keep them at church). On each page we will have pictures and words to attach so at the end of the year each child will have a record of learning as a keepsake!

If you are willing to take a week, please contact Cat. She has printed the entire set of lessons which is kept on the children’s alter. The lessons really are straight forward! Please consider sharing a Sunday with the children. We promise make joyful noise each week.


Let’s face it…even adults have trouble sitting still from time to time!  A children’s table and chairs, along with rocking chairs, are located at the back of the church.


A table with chairs along with activities will be set up for the children on the Parish Hall stage.

There is a changing station upstairs in the restroom.


Children reflect on God

God is: amazing, God tastes like: a lollipop, God sounds like: raindrops, God feels like:  clouds, God smells like: boiling sugar water.                                 William

God is: nice, God tastes like: chocolate, God sounds like: storms, God feels like: rain, God smells like: earth.                                                                               Brandon

God is: mighty, God tastes like: honey, God sounds like: a waterfall, God feels like: a breeze, God smells like: fresh air .                                                    Joe

God is: Goddy, God tastes like: candy, God sounds like: star hitting the tree, God feels like: snowy, God smells like: candle, God is: like a rainbow.         Sammy

God tastes: like bread ,God sounds like: elephants (big), God feels like: soft, God smells like: chicken nuggets.                                                                           Colleen

God is: smart, God tastes like: clouds, God sounds like: lightening, God feels like: clouds  God smells like: rain.

God is: yellow, God tastes like: sugar, God sounds like: music, God feels like: silk, God smells like:  a barbeque.                                                                   Selena