Youth Christian Formation: Family Worship

All children are welcome in the service

Family Worship is the 2nd and 4th Sundays in the Parish Hall

GreetinPublication1gs from Family Worship! It’s been a terrific start to 2016 and the season of Epiphany. Many families with children attended the Epiphany service on January 6 and heard the story of the Magi. We then shared communion “old style” with some children sampling the milk and honey. What a meaningful evening for all!
During FW, we have been exploring Jesus’ life with familiar stories- the wedding feast of course! Did you know that we hear the SAME Gospel as YOU do when we are in Family Worship? Why then do we go our separate ways you ask? Well, children learn by playing and so we play, or craft, or act out the story after we hear it. Glitter does not easily come off the pews…Families share some time just for them during our lessons and it’s the hope that families that play together, learn and PRAY together. However, we all feel it is important to be received back into the sanctuary after our service so that we may all share
in the breaking of the bread. Intergenerational sharing of the Holy Eucharist- the best of both worlds!
Lo and behold Lent will be upon us in a few days. We will have a craft table set up during the Mardi Gras Pancake Supper (Feb 9). Also we would like to invite you to our Valentine’s Day Party right after church on February 14. Try to invite someone you love to church that day, even if it’s just for the party. The kids will decorate and prepare special snacks for an extended coffee hour and will have crafts and a picture booth available. Please stay for a while and enjoy God’s love!
In conclusion, Cat Reith-Lowery will continue to prepare and teach Family Worship through February. If you are on the rotation to lead, please come and assist Cat! Family Worship is for families and their children, up to 18 years of age. We look forward to seeing you all at church!
Joyfully Yours,
Eileen DeMings

Join us for Family Worship in Blakely Hall February 14 & 28

There is a changing station upstairs in the restroom.


Let’s face it…even adults have trouble sitting still from time to time!  A children’s table and chairs,along with rocking chairs, are located at the back of the church.


A table with chairs along with activities will be set up for the children on the Parish Hall stage.


Children reflect on God

God is: amazing, God tastes like: a lollipop, God sounds like: raindrops, God feels like:  clouds, God smells like: boiling sugar water.                                 William

God is: nice, God tastes like: chocolate, God sounds like: storms, God feels like: rain, God smells like: earth.                                                                               Brandon

God is: mighty, God tastes like: honey, God sounds like: a waterfall, God feels like: a breeze, God smells like: fresh air .                                                    Joe

God is: Goddy, God tastes like: candy, God sounds like: star hitting the tree, God feels like: snowy, God smells like: candle, God is: like a rainbow.         Sammy

God tastes: like bread ,God sounds like: elephants (big), God feels like: soft, God smells like: chicken nuggets.                                                                           Colleen

God is: smart, God tastes like: clouds, God sounds like: lightening, God feels like: clouds  God smells like: rain.

God is: yellow, God tastes like: sugar, God sounds like: music, God feels like: silk, God smells like:  a barbeque.                                                                   Selena




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  1. Eileen says:

    I love seeing the actual projects the kids made and the slide show is soft and peaceful.

  2. Beverly Lavallee says:

    I was truly touched by the fabulous artwork and presentation by Sunday School children (past and present). It was great to see not only the youngest ones but older youth too! I wish Eileen much success with her future teaching efforts at Holy Trinity Church. I will miss everyone!! 🙂

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