Clergy, Staff, Leadership


Rector The Rev. Richard Signore

Contact  Nancy Waugh, Senior Warden, (413) 245-3307

Church: (508) 765-9559

Deacon: The Reverend Mary K. Hicks (Retired)

Home: (508) 434-2701

Secretary: Chris Bolte

Office: (508) 765-9559

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon*

(*Unless otherwise noted-see bulletin: Click here)
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E-mail secretary: click here

Sexton:  Greg Nikolla

Organist/Music Director: Anne Bouvier-Monroe


Sr. Warden – Nancy Waugh

Jr. Warden – John Grant

Treasurer – Susan Howland

Clerk – Peg Nelson

Vestry Class 2018  – Bill Pieczynski and Mary Bridget Burns

Vestry Class 2019: Diane Nichols and Rose Reith  

Vestry Class 2020: Tamsin Lucey and Lynn Garland

Convention Delegates

John Grant (Vestry delegate)

Lorraine Brumskine (Non-vestry delegate)

Mary Bridget Burns  (Vestry alternate delegate)

Barbara Kalber (Non-vestry alternate delegate)

Committee Chairs

Stewardship Chiar: Nancy Waugh

Building and Grounds Stewardship Team:  Tamsin Lucey, Susan Howland, Jean Frost and Nate Lowery

Finance Committee: Susan Howland, Peg Nelson, Josh Spooner and Lana Pieczynski

Mission and Outreach: Suzanne Sharp

Hospitality: Barbara Wilson

Episcopal Church Women: Susan Howland, and Tamsin Lucey

United Thank Offering: Susan Howland