A Message From Fr. Richard

Dear Friends,

March covers a multitude of sins this year; quite literally! The whole drama plays out; Jesus moves in the midst of the religious community and calls us to mercy and extends his ministry to the folks who never dared darken the aisles of the Holy places. He seeks out the blind until they see his divinity. Jesus encounters the condemned caught in adultery but with a “I do not condemn you, only go and sin no more.” Jesus encounters the condemned for crime, fixed to the adjacent cross, only with “today you shall be with me in paradise!” Jesus encounters the condemned, so entrenched in their religiosity, but only with a “go, sell what possesses you, and come and follow me!”

The institution of the Church learned well how to catalogue the moral indiscretions of members, and take power to itself with the accretions of centuries of moralism. Too bad! They should have looked at Jesus’ deeds and words which were never about judgment, but rather about calling people to larger, happier, more graceful forgiving, and “larger welcoming living.”

Consider well this Holy season what you believe lies at the heart of the cross and the empty tomb, and find the balm for your soul in the man of sorrows, triumphantly reigning!!

I remain,
Your friend and Rector,
(The Reverend) Richard S. Signore