Reflections from Mother Judith

Be thou my wisdom, and thou my true word; I ever with thee and thou with me, Lord; Thou my great Father, own may I be; Thou in me dwelling, and I one with Thee

I have kept returning to this hymn as I have thought about the Vestry Retreat on May 11th, when your Vestry will begin discussing plans for the next two years. This will be the starting point for prayerful reflection and discussion about your priorities for mission and ministry, your resources, and the possibilities that lie ahead if we allow God’s vision to shape our own. It is fitting that we begin this conversation during Eastertide, this season when we are invited to grow into a new understanding of our life and purpose. We are both hopeful and vulnerable in this moment. We share a deep sense that God is truly doing a new thing within us; at the same time we are emerging tentatively from two years of the pandemic in the midst of global warfare in Ukraine and unprecedented domestic mistrust. In our vulnerability we are most open to the Lord of my heart. I think that for most of us resurrection is often incremental, discovered in hindsight. Day by day, we watch for signs that our faith is true. We listen for God to say what we want to hear, yet we don’t recognize the Christ who appears to us in our daily walk. We protect ourselves from the dangers of a hostile world, yet we don’t notice the wind of God’s grace sweeping through the rooms of our lives or the flames of love lighting the minds of our companions. During this 50-day festival, God gathers us in Christ through the Holy Spirit. We are given the opportunity and the grace to become a new Body, a living sign of God’s ever-renewing peace. May the promise of this new life make us bold in our vulnerability.

 Mother Judith+

May 2022