Stewardship 2021: Every Perfect Gift

Weekly Reflections

9-26 The Gift of Relationships

10-3 The Gift of Wonder

10-10 The Gift of Sharing

10-17 The Gift of Helping a Stranger

10-24 The Gift of Faith

10-31 The Gift of Love in Action

11-7 All Saints Sunday: The Gift of Miracles

11-14 The Gift of Worship

11-21 The Gift of Relationship

11-25 Thanksgiving Day

We hope that you are faithfully praying about your pledge to Holy Trinity for 2022. The in-gathering of pledge cards will be on November 14, 2021. Returning your pledge cards helps us know what budget we have to work in 2022. To continue our current level of ministry and operation we need $86,495. Every pledge, in any amount, helps move us toward that goal.

The stewardship theme this year is “Every Perfect Gift.” We hope you have enjoyed the stewardship stories from the Diocese included in your bulletins and the stewardship talks given by parish members. We would like to thank Lynn Garland, Marie Smoker and Susan Grant for their stewardship talks in October. 

Please check your mailboxes! Stewardship letters from Fr. Richard and Lynn Garland will be arriving soon, along with a pledge card. Help us have an abundant in-gathering on November 14, 2021! Either bring your pledge card that Sunday or mail it in before that date so it can be included on November 14.

Rather than our usual brunch following the in-gathering, we will do something different on December 5. We have two occasions for gratitude. One is for the way God multiplies our gifts of time, talent and treasure so we can continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus on Hamilton Street. The second is our deep gratitude for Fr. Richard’s ministry and many gifts he has shared with us over the past seven years. As he will be retiring at the end of December, it is important that we celebrate “Every Perfect Gift” that he had shared with us as we also celebrate “Every Perfect Gift” we bring to continue God’s work in our parish.

There will be more information to come about this celebration. 

The Stewardship Team