Services Canceled Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

On Line Streaming of Sunday Services  in our diocese HERE  

Dear Parish Member,

It is with great consideration, and Bishop Doug Fisher’s recommendation, that we have decided to cancel services.  We hope that you are staying well.  Remember, the Lord is with you and listening, even at home!  Please check your email for updates.  As always, if you have any questions, please contact the church office or our Sr. Warden, Diane Nichols (774-230-0113).  The best way to reach our church office is via email, as the office is only open certain days.  I do check the church email every day from home and will answer and take care of your needs should you need assistance.  Please remember to check on your elderly neighbors and friends during this time!

Here is a prayer that Bishop Fisher shared:

Let us pray:

Living God,
Your love is living water
flowing through us.
In these days of separation,
water the seeds of contemplation
and move us to compassionate action.
For the good of your beloved ones
who wait, and long, and pray,
and for the creation groaning
with new life beneath the dust,
in Jesus' name we pray.