Hello Bible students!!!

We ended last year looking at bible verses that are commonly used in understanding the church’s response to LGBTQ individuals who seek God through our church communities.   We would like to suggest the “Reconciling in Christ” program currently in use within the ELCA.  Materials may be secured on-line through   or
Pastor Dan and I have invited Pastor Sabina Terrades, from the Methodist Church in Southbridge to be members of the study, along with interested members of her congregation.  The Methodist conference has an important vote looming that makes these questions timely and important in the “extended family of the body of Christ” in Southbridge.   As with all our churches, these questions have been met with deep concern and consternation.  We hope to clarify our understanding of God’s call to us personally, and for our congregational life.
We are looking to renew our Bible & Wine in October, 1st and third Wednesday – or October 2nd and 16th.  Please come and share some snacks, wine or beer; cheese, crackers, breads – and – anything else you could like to bring.  We have done so in the past:  We can review this policy; to include the use of alcohol, at our first meeting.  We do not wish to limit participation.
Peace in the Risen and reigning Christ!!
Fr. Richard
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