Lent Madness at Holy Trinity

What is Lent Madness?  Lent Madness is a Lenten devotion that began in 2010 as
an engaging way for people to learn about the men and women comprising the Church’s Calendar of Saints.  Its essential purpose is to help people connect with the risen Christ during this season of penitence and renewal, and have a bit of fun in the process.

How does Lent Madness work? The format is modelled after the NCAA “March Madness”:  32 saints are placed into a tournament-like single elimination bracket.  Each pairing remains open for a set period of time and people vote for their favorite saint. 16 saints make it to the Round of the Saintly Sixteen; 8 advance to the Round of the Elate Eight; 4 make it to the Faithful Four; 2 to the Championship; and the winner is awarded the coveted Golden Halo. The first round consists of basic biographical information about each of the 32 saints. In subsequent rounds quotes, quirks, and legends are added to each bio.

This year’s bracket is broken up into four quadrants: 
              Ancient & Apostolic
              Mostly Monastics
              Royals Roundup  
              Modern Mayhem.
Each bracket contains some well-known saints along with some obscure ones. But they all inspire us by following Jesus in their own times and in their own ways. 

How do I participate?  You will receive an email from the Holy Trinity Office with a link to biographical information of the saints who are paired for the specific competition and how to vote.  Rose Reith and Tamsin Lucey will tally the votes and prepare the subsequent ballots. There will be a deadline for each vote. The first email will be sent on Thursday February 23rd, and the competition between the final two candidates for the final “Golden Halo Award will be held during the service on Sunday March 26th.

Why participate?  This is an opportunity to learn about 32 outstanding, faithful followers of Christ, to have some fun, and to build up our community at Holy Trinity through sharing our learning and insights.

To learn more, go to  Lent Madness Website[

Saints Chart here: Lent Madness.2023. chart pdf