Lent 2024 ENCOUNTERING GOD: Moving Forward With a changing church

God has been acting in our lives from the very beginning, in pain and chaos, through wilderness and travel, on the Ark and in locked rooms, as we doubt and question, in redemption and on mountaintops, in the quiet stillness and desperate grief, as buildings have risen and as they’ve crumbled,  through imprisonment and gnashing of teeth, as we celebrate elaborate feasts and as we break bread in simple settings.

Join us, the New England Synod, including congregations, members, lay leaders, clergy, the curious, and some of our ecumenical partners, in a collaborative bible study, as we explore encounters with God through the lens of a nonlinear model of change.

Each Monday during Lent, one of our facilitators will release a 3-5 minute video introduction of our theme.  You can review and watch these videos independently or you can use them and the accompanying questions as part of a midweek worship service.

On the following Thursday evening, we’ll hold a Zoom session from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  Our facilitator for the week will engage those gathered on Zoom in exploring our encounters with God today. We’ll spend time in conversation, sharing, and prayer. 

On the second Sunday of Easter, we will provide resources for worship that draw on our time together.

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A Lenten Collaborative Bible Study
Five weeks starting Feb. 19th through March 21st

Week 1 – Genesis 8: The Flood Subsides
Rafaela Radcke, LLM Santuario/ Nuevo Amanecer, Synod Council
Exploring the realistic pain that acknowledges the difference between how things are and how they COULD be

Week 2 – Ezekiel 37:1-14: The Valley of Dry Bones
Rev. Elizabeth Nees, Transition Consultant, Coach (PCC), Dean Boston Metro
Looking at possibility not as the answer to pain but instead as worthwhile learning opportunities that exist in the midst of, alongside, and perhaps, because of, painful realities.

Week 3 – Matthew 15: 21-27: The Canaanite Woman’s Faith Rev. Dr. Richard Simpson, Cannon to the Ordinary, Episcopal Diocese of Western MA, and Rev. Jennifer Gregg, Missioner for Servant Leadership
Challenging old assumptions and thinking out of the box so that we can build relationships with people who want to participate in ways not currently defined by existing structures.

Week 4 – John 3: Nicodemus Visits Jesus
Cassandra Wilson, Synod Councill, Member of Redeemer, Woburn, MA
Stepping into the unknown to learn new ways of thinking, being, and doing, by sitting within that chaos and holding space open for questioning and deep discernment.

Week 5 – Luke 24: The Walk to Emmaus
Ryan Heckman, Christian Ed. Director St. Matthew, Avon CT
Moving toward testing, learning, re-ordering, and connecting new ideas and insights, to possibilities.