Youth Christian Formation: Family Worship


Publication1All children are welcome in the service


Let’s face it…even adults have trouble sitting still from time to time!  A children’s table and chairs, along with activities, are now located  at the rear of the church.


A table with chairs along with activities will be set up for the children on the Parish Hall stage.

Family Worship

In addition to our 9:30 service parents with children are invited to join Family Worship on Sundays when families are present. Children and parents will gather and  meet in the parish hall while the congregation participates in Liturgy of the Word. The families will have their own worship and join back in the sanctuary to participate in the Eucharist with the entire congregation.

Our program is currently intended for all ages, from infants and toddlers to tweens and teens.

There is a changing station upstairs in the restroom.


Children reflect on God

God is: amazing, God tastes like: a lollipop, God sounds like: raindrops, God feels like:  clouds, God smells like: boiling sugar water.                                 William

God is: nice, God tastes like: chocolate, God sounds like: storms, God feels like: rain, God smells like: earth.                                                                               Brandon

God is: mighty, God tastes like: honey, God sounds like: a waterfall, God feels like: a breeze, God smells like: fresh air .                                                    Joe

God is: Goddy, God tastes like: candy, God sounds like: star hitting the tree, God feels like: snowy, God smells like: candle, God is: like a rainbow.         Sammy

God tastes: like bread ,God sounds like: elephants (big), God feels like: soft, God smells like: chicken nuggets.                                                                           Colleen

God is: smart, God tastes like: clouds, God sounds like: lightening, God feels like: clouds  God smells like: rain.

God is: yellow, God tastes like: sugar, God sounds like: music, God feels like: silk, God smells like:  a barbeque.                                                                   Selena