Can you spare just 1 hour of your time for prayer this Lenten season?

  • We will start our prayer vigil immediately following the Maundy Thursday service on March 29 and will continue in 1 hour increments into Good Friday.
  • We need all slots to be filled and you can feel free to come alone or bring a friend, spouse, other family-member etc.
  • The church is kept securely locked throughout the vigil with the person in the church only opening the door to a successor.
  • This can be a very powerful moment of prayer, reflection and meditation and an integral part of the Easter experience for you individually, and for Holy Trinity as a church body.
  • Devotional materials, prayer booklets, and other helpful meditational reading will be left in the sanctuary for your use, and each prayer volunteer is encouraged to leave prayer requests that others, who follow, will pray for.
  • Look for the sign-up sheet at the back of the church! Or email the church secretary to sign up holytrinitysouthbridge@gmail.com.
    -Lana Pieczynski